Wadda, Fisch, Sala…


Part two, and it is good!

Eating some tuna fish fresh made on the second deck here at work.  If you opt to get the ready made ones from the store or deli ask to see the bucket it came from. YOU will be amazed at how much sugar/carbs are in each serving. If you are tasting overly sweet as opposed to tuna then it is one of those processed tuna salads.  You eat that then you are no better off than eating a cheeseburger.  I actually watched the staff open cans and make this from scratch (best because there are no preservatives and added SUGAR)and this is close to what I made at home.
Since I am perpetually broke I keep tuna, chicken,  and eggs available at all times in my house. Tonight I’m making up a batch of tuna to get me through the weekend and I will be roasting a turkey breast I picked up on a lark.
Exercise. I do need to do that as well…just not sure yet.  I’m thinking on it.  Will post back later with pics and what I’m deciding for movement in oxygen…

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