King of Sorrow

King of Sorrow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…and WHY am I listening to “King of Sorrow” by Sade?  LOL…tragic! My daughter knows what I am cracking up about…seriously…this song!

I’m not depressed but I sure will be after the song is over. Tragic I tell you!

Anyhoo…that was random of me… brain dumping here so excuse the random randomness in this post.

It is January already.  Big salads, water, protein, and exercise time again.  This year will be different for me.  I always make these huge plans and then end up sitting on my butt saying “I will start tomorrow.” Tomorrow NEVER comes for me.  Then suddenly I am saying “It’s January?”.  Procrastination thy name is Robin.  🙂

It’s all good.  I accept that about myself.  BUT…this year will be different for me.  I plan on NOT planning on starting or doing anything.  I will just DO.  It seems to be working for me so far.  Ever since I have relocated to Alaska I have just DONE healthier things.  Salads, fish, water, maybe a random ramen noodle (I’m addicted to those things, high sodium and all) REST (just started resting…the second job was killing me), walking up and down the many hills here, and just enjoying the beauty that is around me.  Good stuff!  If you ever have the opportunity to even visit Alaska it is recommended. Good for the soul it seems.  Healing.

Now I am listening to “Fantasy” by Earth, Wind, and Fire…much better and not tragic like Sade.  🙂 Uplifting…

So it has been confirmed that My Daddy wpid-20130327_165411.jpg (there he is next to Mama!) has a mass that is cancerous in his pancreas.  Ugh…nasty one…that pancreatic cancer.  They found it soon enough and they are being proactive in having it removed.  His surgery will be on the 15th of this month.  I am planning on making the trip down there to see him.  Just not sure if it will be before the surgery or right afterwards.  He will probably be in the hospital for a week.  I would never forgive myself if something happened to him and I wasn’t there to see him.  When I was waaayyyy younger, my Grandma was in the hospital for her sugar level.  I kept blowing  off visiting her over and over again.  FINALLY…I told her what day and time I would be by to see her…she died a few minutes before I got to the hospital and see her.  That REALLY bothered me for many years, well decades.  I don’t want that to happen again, god forbid.  Sigh…

I was play fussing at my parents last night…I was sitting my behind in Arizona for YEARS slowly losing my mind but at least I was in the lower 48.  They wait until I relocate to Alaska to start falling to pieces. Ugh!  My folks did tell me that I am where I am supposed to be right at this moment.  They also mentioned that I am finally happy and really my life is all about me. Old folk wisdom…I hate when they are right!

Now that I know about my Dad’s illness it is fueling me to go back to the healthier low carb way of eating.  I don’t care what anyone says about the low carb lifestyle…it IS healthier.  My body feels better eating that way, I build muscle, all of my blood work comes back pristine, all the aches and pains/bloating, cravings…GONE.  I suspect the Food Pyramid that everyone currently uses was developed by lobbyists to make sure their staple continued to sell.  Fat doesn’t make you fat…SUGAR makes you fat.  SUGAR makes you sick…

Me going back to low carbing will also help me develop food options to give my Mama to give to Daddy.  I am a whiz at converting a recipe to low carb.  Now…I’m not PLANNING on doing this…I am DOING it.  That way I can’t say “Okay…ate that crap…will start tomorrow!” 

I’m thinking NOW works better.  Looking over all my low carb and low carbish diets.  I always do that and settle on the Atkins lifestyle.  Atkins, South Beach, Paleo type eating seems to work.

Low Carb Food Pyramid...and other stuff... Following this low carb food pyramid will yield a healthier lifestyle…plus you will NEVER be hungry.

I’ve rambled and brain dumped long enough…

Happy New Year…will be back later!


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