So…I’m talking to my Momma and I mentioned that I dragged the old Christmas Tree up the stairs.  It is currently waiting to be put together. Right now it is being festive in its box.

Baby steps!  I am still trying to figure out why I am putting up a tree and decorating when I am here alone.  The presents will be stuff for Otis, Rex, and Frosty.  I will wrap everything up too just so I can watch them gleefully chase each other around while their clasws shred up the wrapping paper.

Ah…Christmastime!  Once again…WHY am I putting up a tree?? Just insanity I guess.

Anyway…I’m talking to my Momma and I mention the tree.  I was going to put it up then she mentioned about the Dog and Tree issue I may have…Otis (the Supermodel Puggle of the World) will find it difficult to resist lifting a leg to the tree.  It will be another round of Puggle Pee Party!


NOGO! I believe that is what Momma called it…NOGO.  I guess there is some mystical stuff in the bottle that will make Otis not want to pee on the tree.  Guess it is time for me to visit Petco

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