I’m A Flybaby…


Oh…First let me get this out-of-the-way:

HAMMER! 4266lump_hammer

37 views this week and still going up.  I wouldn’t have any hits if it wasn’t for my strange yet apparently fascinating post “Hammer”  Thank you to all the hammer fans out there…without you I would be at 1 or two hits. 🙂

Moving on….

What was I talking about…OH…I’m a Flybaby!  I have re-discovered www.flylady.net I’m taking the baby steps that are needed to make my home into the uncluttered paradise that I desire so badly.  I like open spaces…no clutter…just open air happiness that I can sit in the middle of and hum spirituals…while playing Xbox.  That is  what I LIKE…not what I have right now.  I am starting to believe I have borderline hoarder/compulsive shopping tendencies.  I have stuff everywhere and no place to put them.  NOW…my house has stuff but not dirty.  I like to be minimal and I’m not right now.  I am still living like I have a house full of family…I do not.  I still shop like I have a husband and two children to cook for…I do not.  There is no reason why I should have to grocery shop for at least 3 months now.  Old habits are hard to break…I have a full refrigerator, pantry, cooking utensils, FREEZER (my goodness why is my freezer full?) all of this and guess what??  I DON’T EAT!  I find eating to be a necessity to keep from falling down periodically.  I LOVE to cook.  I adore cooking for others.  It is my way of expressing love, but I want no parts of it.  This is why I am wondering why my tail has a weight issue.  I should be a waif of a woman.  That puzzles me…

Anyhoo…I went off on a tangent again.  Sorry…

I have to learn to par down with the buying and the stocking.  I have two closets full of clothes and I don’t wear 75% of them.  SHOES SHOES SHOES…too many.  I live in Alaska. Anything open toed, high heeled…er…fashionable will result in frostbite and broken bones.  The footwear (a necessity mind you) of choice are what looks like galoshes, snow boots, tennis shoes, high rider boots.  That is all I have been wearing for the past couple of months so roughly 95% of my shoes are just taking up space.

Yep…way more stuff than the law allows.

I feel better when things are cleared out so enter The Flylady.

She has zones, timers, and tips. Yayyyy…

I shined my sink last night and she is right…a shiny sink does put you in a great mood.

It is time for me to purge all the crap (along with any horrible memories that come with it) and donate them all to a better cause.  Now I have all the time in the world to complete my task…just cannot get overwhelmed.

Baby steps…I can do this!

More dumping to come..


English: Standard Hammer

English: Standard Hammer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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