…making this blog about hammers!  That seems to be the most popular post so far. 🙂

Hiya!  I have been MIA again!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Time for a brain dump.  So much has happened with me since I have last posted.  I no longer work the second job…I THINK I have a boyfriend now (not so sure but he referred to me as his “girlfriend” and he bought me a Xbox 360 just because he knows I’m a gaming fool…so um…maybe??  I’m simple and not going to over think this one…),  I am steadily shrinking (moving to Alaska has done wonders for my figure!) Thanksgiving was a simple one for me due to the fact I didn’t have to do any marathon cooking, kinda miss it, but it was still great for me to be able to just relax and do nothing.

Christmas is looming once again.  You like the new look I gave the old blog??  I wanted to do a modern look for Christmas instead of the old green and red.  I like it for now…but that changes daily.

So…gearing up for some dumping soon.  I just had to look at the stats and the “Hammer” post is still going strong.  Guess lots of people want a picture of the hammer I found on the Internet OR the Ex-Boyfriend is stalking me from his cell in Oklahoma (or wherever the heck they have or will be sending him….THAT is a story on its own)…

Will be back later, I am noticing a ton of people are doing the Crossfit thing and it looks a lot like P90X and several other workouts that I own.  Should I start doing that again?  January will be upon us soon and that is the Official Get Skinny Month…hee!

Why I stop posting for so long is beyond me…I have so much to say and only animals to whom share my thoughts…




P.S.  HAMMER, HAMMER,HAMMER4266lump_hammer HEE HEE…there goes another 50 hits to my blog! 🙂

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