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Hammer, Hammer bo Bammer,

Bonnana fanna fo Fammer,

Fee fy fo Fammer…HAMMER!


I’m stunned by the number of hits I am getting…here is some Hammer Love for you all!

Just don’t understand the strange fascination with a hammer some people have…





in effect until Thursday December 12, 4:00pm…
Hmmm…I’m listening…can’t be as bad as it was the LAST storm…wpid-20131121_095659.jpgwpid-20131121_095750.jpgwpid-20131121_095819.jpg
Snow fall is expected to begin early Wednesday morning (TOMORROW!) will likely taper off Thursday..
Snowfall potential expected…
20-32 INCHES at higher elevations (It’s gonna be WORSE than the last stormsomething tells me Auke Bay will be in that range)

FML! The Chief I work with asked me if I have an alternate way to work…
Yep! Snowdogs and sled, skiing, sled, snow shoes, rolling down the hill, and crying (again).

Gotta love Alaska! Complaining about the snow here is like complaining about sand in Hawaii. Glad I grew a brain and left the second job. I would have to live in the sporting goods section.

My Coastie Family will help me…send someone with a big ole diesel farm truck with studded tires to come and scoop me up before the cats anddog decide to eat me. I’m glad I got the cat food when I did.  I also won’t need to murder-death-kill a local who tells me “It gets kinds slick here!”  SUCCESS!  Jail time will be avoided! 🙂

Where is the Tylenol? My head hurts!

I still LOVE Alaska though!


P.S.  HAMMER!  (Hammer post is at an all time high this week!  Keep them coming!) 4266lump_hammer 🙂 🙂 I love when I get hits on my blog! Muah!




Okay…Christmas is LOOMING…I mean LOOMING upon me and I have no odea what to get My Honey for Christmas.  He tells me he doesn’t want anything but I cannot let the day go by without getting him SOMETHING.  This one is hard to buy for…very very very hard.




Just my opinion on this…and remember opinions are like buttholes…we ALL have them! 🙂


I think she looks amazing. I don’t see anything wrong with the picture that she posted with her kids. I really do not understand what all the uproar is about. I know…I know…we are all embracing being “curvy”. I tried to embrace the curvy look. I really gave it a shot…unfortunately I do not become “curvy” when I pick up weight…I become round. I was uncomfortable. Sick. I was not embracing anything at all. Deep down inside we all want to look like that young mother…but it is easier to find ways to say that we cannot. It is easier to say ITS NOT FAIR…or SHE HAS MONEY…

I think she has determination to do what needs to be done to stay in shape.  Now…she could have worded what she said maybe a little differently…AND…you can still be larger and in shape (sometimes it IS genetics involved where you can just be slim…but still out of shape)…

I worked a fulltime job, my husband was deployed and I had two children with pets.  I have high blood pressure, hypothyroid (I have no thyroid it was burned out a long time ago), and was clinically depressed on meds that literally packed the pounds on you.  I was able to acheive this look in my mid thirties and maintain this look until about two years ago:

wpid-IMG_319081012448672.jpeg That was in shape.  Exercise and diet (FOOD is the most important factor)…

This is my CURVY about 9 months ago:

2013-02-05_10.20.42[3] Curvy?? I would have to say ROUND people.  I think I prefer the in shape look.

My point being…that picture my blood pressure was out of control, drinking, medications, I was miserable, AND I had stopped watching my diet and exercise.  I had a million excuses for myself…and to me an excuse is a lie.  You are lying to yourself and others.  I just couldn’t embrace my “curves”.  I felt terrible.  Size acceptance is a wonderful thing but for me to accept this would be a state of denial.  I was killing myself.

THANKFULLY…I don’t look like that anymore. wpid-20130924_142535.jpg (I’ve actually lost another 10 pounds from this picture)  I have cut out all the junk food and I have started being active again.  Just walking up and down the hill made a difference…and all the fast food is a memory to me.  I was 37 years old in the fit picture.  I am 44 now and I know that it will take a lot of work to get back there…I am happy looking like I do today.  If I could snap my fingers or take a pill and look like Fit Mom or even any resemblance to what I acheived 7 years ago I would happily take it and do it.

I’m not hating on that woman and what she acheived…it really can be done it just takes patience and time.  There is always a modification to any plan that will make it suitable for you.  80% of the journey is your diet…so if you can’t exercise…focus on what you eat.  It may make a difference.

I’ve been on both sides…


So…I’m talking to my Momma and I mentioned that I dragged the old Christmas Tree up the stairs.  It is currently waiting to be put together. Right now it is being festive in its box.

Baby steps!  I am still trying to figure out why I am putting up a tree and decorating when I am here alone.  The presents will be stuff for Otis, Rex, and Frosty.  I will wrap everything up too just so I can watch them gleefully chase each other around while their clasws shred up the wrapping paper.

Ah…Christmastime!  Once again…WHY am I putting up a tree?? Just insanity I guess.

Anyway…I’m talking to my Momma and I mention the tree.  I was going to put it up then she mentioned about the Dog and Tree issue I may have…Otis (the Supermodel Puggle of the World) will find it difficult to resist lifting a leg to the tree.  It will be another round of Puggle Pee Party!


NOGO! I believe that is what Momma called it…NOGO.  I guess there is some mystical stuff in the bottle that will make Otis not want to pee on the tree.  Guess it is time for me to visit Petco

I’m A Flybaby…


Oh…First let me get this out-of-the-way:

HAMMER! 4266lump_hammer

37 views this week and still going up.  I wouldn’t have any hits if it wasn’t for my strange yet apparently fascinating post “Hammer”  Thank you to all the hammer fans out there…without you I would be at 1 or two hits. 🙂

Moving on….

What was I talking about…OH…I’m a Flybaby!  I have re-discovered I’m taking the baby steps that are needed to make my home into the uncluttered paradise that I desire so badly.  I like open spaces…no clutter…just open air happiness that I can sit in the middle of and hum spirituals…while playing Xbox.  That is  what I LIKE…not what I have right now.  I am starting to believe I have borderline hoarder/compulsive shopping tendencies.  I have stuff everywhere and no place to put them.  NOW…my house has stuff but not dirty.  I like to be minimal and I’m not right now.  I am still living like I have a house full of family…I do not.  I still shop like I have a husband and two children to cook for…I do not.  There is no reason why I should have to grocery shop for at least 3 months now.  Old habits are hard to break…I have a full refrigerator, pantry, cooking utensils, FREEZER (my goodness why is my freezer full?) all of this and guess what??  I DON’T EAT!  I find eating to be a necessity to keep from falling down periodically.  I LOVE to cook.  I adore cooking for others.  It is my way of expressing love, but I want no parts of it.  This is why I am wondering why my tail has a weight issue.  I should be a waif of a woman.  That puzzles me…

Anyhoo…I went off on a tangent again.  Sorry…

I have to learn to par down with the buying and the stocking.  I have two closets full of clothes and I don’t wear 75% of them.  SHOES SHOES SHOES…too many.  I live in Alaska. Anything open toed, high heeled…er…fashionable will result in frostbite and broken bones.  The footwear (a necessity mind you) of choice are what looks like galoshes, snow boots, tennis shoes, high rider boots.  That is all I have been wearing for the past couple of months so roughly 95% of my shoes are just taking up space.

Yep…way more stuff than the law allows.

I feel better when things are cleared out so enter The Flylady.

She has zones, timers, and tips. Yayyyy…

I shined my sink last night and she is right…a shiny sink does put you in a great mood.

It is time for me to purge all the crap (along with any horrible memories that come with it) and donate them all to a better cause.  Now I have all the time in the world to complete my task…just cannot get overwhelmed.

Baby steps…I can do this!

More dumping to come..


English: Standard Hammer

English: Standard Hammer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




…making this blog about hammers!  That seems to be the most popular post so far. 🙂

Hiya!  I have been MIA again!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Time for a brain dump.  So much has happened with me since I have last posted.  I no longer work the second job…I THINK I have a boyfriend now (not so sure but he referred to me as his “girlfriend” and he bought me a Xbox 360 just because he knows I’m a gaming fool…so um…maybe??  I’m simple and not going to over think this one…),  I am steadily shrinking (moving to Alaska has done wonders for my figure!) Thanksgiving was a simple one for me due to the fact I didn’t have to do any marathon cooking, kinda miss it, but it was still great for me to be able to just relax and do nothing.

Christmas is looming once again.  You like the new look I gave the old blog??  I wanted to do a modern look for Christmas instead of the old green and red.  I like it for now…but that changes daily.

So…gearing up for some dumping soon.  I just had to look at the stats and the “Hammer” post is still going strong.  Guess lots of people want a picture of the hammer I found on the Internet OR the Ex-Boyfriend is stalking me from his cell in Oklahoma (or wherever the heck they have or will be sending him….THAT is a story on its own)…

Will be back later, I am noticing a ton of people are doing the Crossfit thing and it looks a lot like P90X and several other workouts that I own.  Should I start doing that again?  January will be upon us soon and that is the Official Get Skinny Month…hee!

Why I stop posting for so long is beyond me…I have so much to say and only animals to whom share my thoughts…




P.S.  HAMMER, HAMMER,HAMMER4266lump_hammer HEE HEE…there goes another 50 hits to my blog! 🙂

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