Time To Buy A Happy Lamp…Day Four…ECigs

This is Noon today outside my office. It is getting darker because Winter is coming. Pretty soon it will be dim enough outside the Vamps from Twilight will be able to run around outside without twinkling (STILL…VAMPIRES DON’T TWINKLE IN THE SUNLIGHT…THEY BURN AND EXPLODE!…very irritating…and WHY are all the Natives wearing short shorts and are werewolves?? No Native Vamps? Hmm?? WHY? And don’t get me started on the Phoenix, AZ native that is Bella…no one is that pale from AZ…impossible..Sorry, my Tourettes kicks in whenever I mention Twilight…I cannot watch Twilight)


Anyway…that was Noon today:


Time to break out the Happy Lights!  I am getting one of these plus ingesting a crap load of D3.



Check out my low carb pasta jambalaya!  I love Dreamfields Pasta.  I can have my pasta and still stay withing my acceptable carb range.  That really hit the spot today.  It was kinda cold and wet all day.


And finally my battle with the smoking.  I am really trying to quit.  Stages people…I’m doing these things in stages.  Since I started these ECigs I have been able to breathe again.  I am also noticing they are stronger than a regular cigarette so I am not using as much. Yay for Rob!



About to go and work off those pancakes with some Ultimate Taebo…

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