Day Three …Recap…

Day three ended well.  I made myself a low carb pizza type thing.  All the fixings on pizza just no crust.  I’m not missing anything since I rarely eat the crust or the ends on a pizza anyway.  My workout was Rockin’ Abs with the weighted bar.  It wasn’t a super long workout but I did get one in.  Otis was whacked in the snot by the bar so now I think he will have to be in his crate while I am sweating off the fat.  I felt so bad I ended up giving him some salami and pepperoni.  🙁  He is okay, but thought he was in some type of trouble. My little companion wants to be under foot at all times it seems.

I HAD to get caught up with Sleepy Hollow…LOVE IT!  Now that I am caught up I will do a longer Billy workout tonight.  Next week I go back to my second job in the evenings.  I will have to start waking up earlier and getting in my exercise first thing.  I know I will hate it, but it is a necessary thing in order to fulfill my goal.  So…exercise in the morning and standing on my feet in the evenings (burning calories too)…a good thing.  I guess I will start the early morning thing tomorrow…that should prove to be interesting.


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