I am going to Fred Meyer‘s after work and find me some Knudsen’s Cranberry juice (wish me luck…I will be shocked if they have it) and make me a big old batch of this water.  It is very refreshing and it flushes out all the bloat from your system.  I can drink it without sweetner, but, if you don’t like tart then use Equal or Splenda.  There aren’t enough carbs to do any harm.  I like this better than Dr Oz’s recipe.

I do notice the cellulite does diminish when I drink this cocktail.  I hate the look of hail damage on the thighs.  I have been genetically blessed by my parents as far as cellulite is concerned.  I really haven’t had that problem…even at my heaviest.  Still…this is a great drink and it helps with the “jiggly puff” stage of weight loss.  I also add fiber to my drink in the mornings to help flush myself out better.  Try it out!



The real Fat Flush water that started it all!

Bust bloat and banish cellulite by sipping our signature cran-water combo as part of your daily hydration.

Ingredients 1 oz 100% unsweetened cranberry juice 7 oz water

Directions: Mix the juice and water. *Tidbit: Make larger batches and keep in a pitcher for easy access, all day!

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