Amazing when clothes fit….Day Two

…so far so good. I have zero appetite right now. I love when the low carbing kicks in just the way I need to help me stick to eating clean. No headaches. No cravings. No hunger. It really makes eating this way easier and the weight falls off.

My wrist is still throbbing so tonight will be a Taebo that doesn’t have a gadget involved. Using weights with Billy yields results faster but my wrist isn’t having it right now. Just going to be patient and use the 1 lb weights to amp up my workouts for the time being.

I think I will ask my brother and my sister-in-law to join me with this challenge. I get more motivated when there are others involved. I need Team Wondertwin back online!! 🙂 🙂

It really IS amazing when my clothes start fitting me again. It is like I have a brand new wardrobe. I am glad I have the hoarder tendencies and do NOT throw out clothes…my weight tends to go up and down. It really helps my wallet.

I will be posting better pictures in about two weeks. I only posted this one because I think the lighting is better. 🙂 Vanity is my middle name I guess. This also motivates me to continue on to completing this personal challenge. I am curious what my results will be. Today I was complemented by two coworkers. Once said I’m looking “all skinny” and another one told me she can see the difference from when I got here…and I am looking good. 🙂 🙂

HEE! Aging is inevidable…I know I cannot stop that but I am trying to slow it down. I’m not looking to do anything other than feel comfortable in my skin and get into better shape. I would like to stop the blood pressure meds I am on right now. I was rapidly gaining back all the original weight plus more while I was in Arizona. I am glad I am away from there and here in Alaska. I think this place is a good look on me.

Exercise today will be Old School Taebo…maybe one of the Get Ripped series or dare I?? Ultimate Taebo?? Either way I will be logging in a workout tonight. Having this week off from my second job is really helping me to kickstart this habit.



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