21 days

It’s that time again for me. A 21 day challenge. My eating has been ood…exercise has been because I have no choice with the hills and the
dog walking.  I was looking at past posts and past low carb “heroes” from back in the day and I have decided I am not really hungry anyway why not embark upon the low carb/daily exercise life again.  The picture was taken TODAY in the bathroom in the most unflattering light…but it is out there and honest.  I now have accountability.  The jeans are a size 9…(a far cry from the 16-18-more I was wearing when I left Arizona) the shirt and sweater are a large.  I am wanting to see what eating clean and exercise will do for me at the age I am now.  When I originally started doing this I was, um, 37??  I am now 44.  NOT BAD for a 44-year-old chick that left Arizona bloated and unhappy.  Just want to see how far I can take this again.

Exercise?? Oh Hunty…you know it has to be Taebo.  I have what I believe the complete library of Billy Blanks. Eating will be easy since I
don’t have little ones to also feed.  I love the water here…now…to get motivated to exercise on purpose and make this a habit for me again.
I have no idea what I weigh now…not sure if I am ready for that…but it is lower than what it was when I left Arizona.  I have nothing to
lose but weight and inches.

Not sure which Taebo I will start with…will post that when I get home and make my decision.  Just may do what I did before…just reach in and grab something.  I’m sure I will be the modify queen at first but at least I am doing something.  I have all this energy that needs to be
released.  It making me feel jumpy…Posting later this evening with day one.  I will take another picture just like this one at the end of my
personal challenge.  Now look what I have done!  I guess I have to put up or shut up…


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