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OF BISCUITS AND GRAVY!  Yayyyyy… I am so happy that the people who work there will work with me.  My petite co-worker gave me the idea.  Her biscuits and gravy looked so good I decided to try to low carb it by subbing eggs for the biscuit.Nom.

I am sick as a dog right now.  I have what I call The Crud.  Chills, head stuffy, aches everywhere, more chills.  I tool Theraflu last night and did a Nyquil shot…still have The Crud.  I feel like I have ice in my bones.


I have to go to work tonight so I better try to find something that will at least make me feel a little better by then. It helps to know I am burning about 800 calories a night working there…I don’t feel so bad about passing out asleep afterwards.

I’m a terrible sick.  I hate being sick…going to find some Dayquil cause bitching about The Crud won’t make it go away.

I am now able to wear some jeans that were not too kind to me when I left Arizona.  I am loving my results.  I just don’t know what to tell people who notice that I am shrinking.  I am really not on any specific diet. I’m just shrinking… Low carb?  Core?  Whole 30? Paleo?  There are parts of all these diets being followed…not sure what to call what I am doing.

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