Busy busy….

…way too busy for a Monday!  I have been taking calls from all the Snowbirds that are in the process of fleeing Juneau before the snow arrives.  It is colder now (let me clarify…for ME) and I had to break out the coat this morning.  I am hoping to get acclimated to the weather pretty soon.  I foresee me looking like a stuffed tick during the winter I will be so layered.  The cold goes right through me…to the bones.  I can’t seem to get warm.  I am also fighting off what I am going a call a Big Ole Ignorant Cold with soups, tea, and Nyquil.  I am not looking forward to being sick here.  I haven’t found a doctor yet and it seems once you get sick it is a bitch to get rid of once it takes hold. Bleh!

I am working a second job here at nights and on the weekends.  I don’t want to…I actually need to.  I like Juneau that much… I am willing to take any free time that I may have and make extra money.  So far so good!  I am tired but I am getting used to the extra hours.  I get to meet a ton of people.  Pretty soon I think I will come across everyone in Juneau.  I am already getting people saying “Hi Robin” to me.  That is good yet bad in a way.  It’s good that I am memorable…bad that I don’t have a CLUE who that person could be.  I have a hard time remembering names.  I know faces, but names?  I draw blanks.  So far I have been doing good faking it and then fleeing with another task that needs to get done.  I know eventually I will have to ask WHO ARE YOU?? awkward!!

I put my picture up on a dating site again.  I am praying that I don’t get the unemployed ex con drug addict type blowing up my inbox again.  I say “unemployed ex con drug addict” because that was the state of the last one I talked to. NOW…that was something that I found out way later and I was SIMPLE at that time.  Just divorced.  Found out the ex husband was dating a hot thing 20 years younger than me…it was basically a pissing contest that I entered into…with myself! The Ex wasn’t worried about my Simple Behind.  He had a Bikini Behind to keep his attention. 🙂  It was one of those…YOU have a relationship…I’M going to have a relationship too.  So THERE!  I have found out he is engaged to Bikini Butt…I’m really happy for the both of them.  I hope to find happiness myself. 🙂    LOL…yeah…that is where memoirs of a not so simple beech comes into play.  I have my simple moments…they are few and far between now.  Besides…it is a good way to meet people as well.  This time…if it says “Student” and they are in their late 30s or early 40s I will translate into unemployed.  I have to…don’t want another Simple moment to happen again.  Just one thing…Men…please please try to post a picture that isn’t a rapey/molesty/convicty/addicty/creeper picture.  I mean…some of the photos look like mugshot-serial killer-drug addict types. Take a shower.  Shave.  Comb your hair.  If I can smell the funk through the picture maybe you should rethink your profile.  SCARY!  Just saying…OH…and DON’T jump right into the rapey/molesty/all sex all the time type of talk.  I do not want to discuss what goes on with my female parts or show you pictures of said female parts right after “Hi.”  If you are a Creeper…that just might be the reason you aren’t getting a date.  I’m looking but nowhere near desperate. Those folks need Jesus.

Ahem…As I am getting older I am finding humor in a ton of things…but I also have less patience.

Weight loss!

Still doing that people.  I am back down to an 9 or 11 pants (JUNIORS).  Before I left Arizona I was in 18s (squeezing into them I might add). Yay for Juneau! Yay for Alaska!  No fast food places…no convenience…just stuff you have no choice but to cook or your tail will have to get McDonald’s or Subway.  I have been trying to get in exercise but I have been exhausted.  Otis gets walked and then I’m standing at least 7 hours after work.  Popping in the old DVD to do movement on purpose just isn’t happening for me right now.  My eating has been pretty regular…no radical diets, just not that much food, a ton of water and standing and walking.  When I do cook?  It is fish, chicken, salad, vegetables or water.  I haven’t purchased any starches so there aren’t any to cook.  I’m getting slim again.  Thank you Higher Power that intervened and brought me to Alaska.

I am way happier because of Your Will.

I’ll be back later…I still haven’t found the power cord for my television.  I’m hoping sometime this week I will have everything all squared away and be done with getting my home in order.  I’m a Cancer and all the disorder is driving me batty.

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