…just not sure what to eat.  I get like this every now and again.  Starving…but for WHAT??  I’m off for the evening and can actually make a bona fide meal.  I just know I will cook something and then the only person (YES…person) that will enjoy the food is Otis.  You should see the look on his Puggle face whenever he sees me at the stove.  BIG. GIANT. SMILE.

I do have all the fixings to make a soup.  Maybe I will do that.  I’m down another 5 pounds.  YAY!  I like the trend of dropping the weight.  🙂 🙂  I was really becoming ROUND.  Not good when you already have a moon head like mine.

Ok…since weight loss seems to be the trend…I will locate the power cord of my television and actually (GASP) do a workout that doesn’t involve me running behind Otis on the OMFG hill I live on.

If I cook…pictures will follow…



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