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Day Four…

..DONE!!  I took a nap right after I worked out.  🙂  I did 60 minutes of Ultimate Taebo instead of the 90.  I just COULD NOT make myself go another 30 minutes.  To say I am jumping back into this…my fitness level isn’t that low.  Muscle memory is the best thing ever!

My eating has been good.  I just need to go shopping to fill up my refrigerator with food.  I need to have the fixings to make an actual meal.  I have been doing Atkins Bars, protein shakes, and just protein.  I need to stock up on the frozen vegetables.

So…I was accountable for Day 4.

Go Rob!



Pancakes (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)

Ok…day Four.  I am human people…I had two pancakes AND bacon.  I added a Diet Coke.  We all know that Diet Cokes are magical concoctions that negate all calories and carbs. So I’m good…


Anyhoo…I wanted pancakes so I had pancakes.  I know how I roll…IF I would have ignored the “I need a pancake” feelings then it would have turned into a mighty carb binge that would have lasted all day.  I’m still low carbing.  There is no reason to continue on eating stuff that is obviously NOT on the plan.  I am a firm believer of…if your body is seriously craving the stuff then you should have what it is asking for…two pancakes didn’t cause me to get back 45 pounds.  Months and months of bad choices, no exercise, and drinking caused that phenomenon.

Tonight will be Ultimate Taebo…90 minutes of constant movement in oxygen.  It seems like a long time but when you think of it we can blow 90 minutes doing nothing at all.  Why not blow it getting into shape.  The Ultimate Taebo will work better negating the pancake calories than the Diet Coke. 🙂

Here is a low carb version that I will try out really soon.  It doesn’t call for protein powder. I have all the ingredients to make this breakfast.  I think I will be trying it out this weekend.

Ultra Low Carb Almond Flour Pancakes

Ingredients (4 pancakes):

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 eggs

1/4 cup water (sparkling water is ideal)

1/4 tsp salt

1 cup almond flour

Sweetener to taste – optional

Vanilla Extract – optional

Toppings – optional: Butter Sugar-free syrup Almond butter

Tools needed:

Non-stick pan or skillet


Mixing bowl

Measuring cup

Measuring spoon

Fork or whisk

Serving plate

Time To Buy A Happy Lamp…Day Four…ECigs

This is Noon today outside my office. It is getting darker because Winter is coming. Pretty soon it will be dim enough outside the Vamps from Twilight will be able to run around outside without twinkling (STILL…VAMPIRES DON’T TWINKLE IN THE SUNLIGHT…THEY BURN AND EXPLODE!…very irritating…and WHY are all the Natives wearing short shorts and are werewolves?? No Native Vamps? Hmm?? WHY? And don’t get me started on the Phoenix, AZ native that is Bella…no one is that pale from AZ…impossible..Sorry, my Tourettes kicks in whenever I mention Twilight…I cannot watch Twilight)


Anyway…that was Noon today:


Time to break out the Happy Lights!  I am getting one of these plus ingesting a crap load of D3.



Check out my low carb pasta jambalaya!  I love Dreamfields Pasta.  I can have my pasta and still stay withing my acceptable carb range.  That really hit the spot today.  It was kinda cold and wet all day.


And finally my battle with the smoking.  I am really trying to quit.  Stages people…I’m doing these things in stages.  Since I started these ECigs I have been able to breathe again.  I am also noticing they are stronger than a regular cigarette so I am not using as much. Yay for Rob!



About to go and work off those pancakes with some Ultimate Taebo…

Day Three …Recap…

Day three ended well.  I made myself a low carb pizza type thing.  All the fixings on pizza just no crust.  I’m not missing anything since I rarely eat the crust or the ends on a pizza anyway.  My workout was Rockin’ Abs with the weighted bar.  It wasn’t a super long workout but I did get one in.  Otis was whacked in the snot by the bar so now I think he will have to be in his crate while I am sweating off the fat.  I felt so bad I ended up giving him some salami and pepperoni.  🙁  He is okay, but thought he was in some type of trouble. My little companion wants to be under foot at all times it seems.

I HAD to get caught up with Sleepy Hollow…LOVE IT!  Now that I am caught up I will do a longer Billy workout tonight.  Next week I go back to my second job in the evenings.  I will have to start waking up earlier and getting in my exercise first thing.  I know I will hate it, but it is a necessary thing in order to fulfill my goal.  So…exercise in the morning and standing on my feet in the evenings (burning calories too)…a good thing.  I guess I will start the early morning thing tomorrow…that should prove to be interesting.


Nigerian Scams…

…I ABSOLUTELY HATE THESE PEOPLE!  Luckily for me I am NOT SIMPLE.  The syntax of their messages…really?  IF you are looking to try to scam someone please become LITERATE.  I feel bad for all those people who have been taken by these fools.

Since I am a Ex Military Wife I understand when the Troops are downrange.  Sometimes they are just looking for someone to chat with…I don’t mind befriending a Troop.  If me chatting with them and letting them vent out their issues helps…I’m all for it.  There are lots of ways to support the troops.  BUT…suddenly I got the Honey/Sweetie messages and the I miss you messages. Really?  I spoke with you one time?  Then the I can’t get food and my money is tied up. Ding ding ding…there it is.  Really Dude?? Whatever…I know how to look for Soldiers.  Then the biggest tell…I’m stationed in Nigeria. If I could have pushed a button and the Jackass would have exploded I would have happily pushed it over and over.  This makes it hard for the REAL Soldiers to meet people…or to get any support.  AND…makes the decent people living in Africa suffer.  You say Africa…I think SCAM…automatically.  That is sad…

I just cannot imagine anyone falling for any of this…yet they do.  Know your worth people.  There is a special place in Hell for these Assholes.  Dr. Phil had something on about a woman who sent more than $30,000.00 to one of these jerks.  I’m sorry…I won’t even lend my Brothers money like that (IF I had it) without looking at them funny.  A complete stranger that is constantly calling me Sweetie or Honey??  Nope.  I don’t know you from a can of paint.  I barely sent my Ex Husband care packages when he was downrange and I was married to him for 15 years and had known him for damn near 20. I loved HIM…and I barely had the time to send crap to him.

No…Not Simple.  I didn’t fall for any of that bull that was being sent.  I actually found it amusing…I finally told him to EFF OFF and burn in Hell.  If something is too good to be true…please follow your instincts like I did.  I wish there was a way to let the unsuspecting people know that their image is being used for a scam…

Damn…I really hate those people.  Murder-Death-Kill feelings.

Ow. :/

Everything hurts. My wrist is acting an ASS right now.  I guess I am doing way too much with it these days.  It hasn’t been hurting so I have forgotten that it was injured…until today. HOLY HELL!  I can feel it swelling and it feels like it has a heartbeat it is throbbing so bad.  I asked my Coastie Co-Worker Kristy to get me some ibuprophen from the clinic.  No groovy meds at the desk for me right now.  I hope this ceases because I will have a hard time with my 5-speed going home.  Figures I would hurt the right wrist…

Oh…Day Three is still on track.  Going to ignore the soreness and pain


I am going to Fred Meyer‘s after work and find me some Knudsen’s Cranberry juice (wish me luck…I will be shocked if they have it) and make me a big old batch of this water.  It is very refreshing and it flushes out all the bloat from your system.  I can drink it without sweetner, but, if you don’t like tart then use Equal or Splenda.  There aren’t enough carbs to do any harm.  I like this better than Dr Oz’s recipe.

I do notice the cellulite does diminish when I drink this cocktail.  I hate the look of hail damage on the thighs.  I have been genetically blessed by my parents as far as cellulite is concerned.  I really haven’t had that problem…even at my heaviest.  Still…this is a great drink and it helps with the “jiggly puff” stage of weight loss.  I also add fiber to my drink in the mornings to help flush myself out better.  Try it out!



The real Fat Flush water that started it all!

Bust bloat and banish cellulite by sipping our signature cran-water combo as part of your daily hydration.

Ingredients 1 oz 100% unsweetened cranberry juice 7 oz water

Directions: Mix the juice and water. *Tidbit: Make larger batches and keep in a pitcher for easy access, all day!

Day two…


Did 45 minutes Taebo Total. I know I will be sore tomorrow,  but it is totally worth it.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy.  I haven’t worked with Billy in awhile so 45 minutes is good.  I can feel my abs working…gotta love classic Taebo. Don’t love Billy in spandex pants and a cup. Ew. My eyes can’t deal sometimes.  Just sweat in places I don’t need to be knowing.  Still love the Old School Taebo…and becoming one of the sweaty Taebo Chicks.

Dinner was chicken wings and spinach. Yum.

Otis is sleeping on my hip.  I’m comfy…time to catch up on Sleepy Hollow.

18 more days until the end of my challenge. 


Amazing when clothes fit….Day Two

…so far so good. I have zero appetite right now. I love when the low carbing kicks in just the way I need to help me stick to eating clean. No headaches. No cravings. No hunger. It really makes eating this way easier and the weight falls off.

My wrist is still throbbing so tonight will be a Taebo that doesn’t have a gadget involved. Using weights with Billy yields results faster but my wrist isn’t having it right now. Just going to be patient and use the 1 lb weights to amp up my workouts for the time being.

I think I will ask my brother and my sister-in-law to join me with this challenge. I get more motivated when there are others involved. I need Team Wondertwin back online!! 🙂 🙂

It really IS amazing when my clothes start fitting me again. It is like I have a brand new wardrobe. I am glad I have the hoarder tendencies and do NOT throw out clothes…my weight tends to go up and down. It really helps my wallet.

I will be posting better pictures in about two weeks. I only posted this one because I think the lighting is better. 🙂 Vanity is my middle name I guess. This also motivates me to continue on to completing this personal challenge. I am curious what my results will be. Today I was complemented by two coworkers. Once said I’m looking “all skinny” and another one told me she can see the difference from when I got here…and I am looking good. 🙂 🙂

HEE! Aging is inevidable…I know I cannot stop that but I am trying to slow it down. I’m not looking to do anything other than feel comfortable in my skin and get into better shape. I would like to stop the blood pressure meds I am on right now. I was rapidly gaining back all the original weight plus more while I was in Arizona. I am glad I am away from there and here in Alaska. I think this place is a good look on me.

Exercise today will be Old School Taebo…maybe one of the Get Ripped series or dare I?? Ultimate Taebo?? Either way I will be logging in a workout tonight. Having this week off from my second job is really helping me to kickstart this habit.



Day one.

While I’m waiting for my NuWave Oven turkey wings to cool…yep…dinner…let me post my workout.

That is me below looking like a simple hot mess after doing Taebo Power. BTW…NO FLOOR WORK WITH A BROKE WRIST. Damn I’m simple sometimes. Have my water out and about to chow on some protein.  I would write more but my wrist is throbbing…Yep…Simple Beech here.  Wil write more later.




Day One complete.  Now where is the damn Motrin.  Look what I decided to get myself into…

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