I have lost weight!  Yayyy!  🙂  I pretty much didn’t have any choice in the matter.  There is a McDonald’s and a Subway. That is all.  I don’t have easy access to fast food like I did in Arizona.  Since everything costs more here I also haven’t been drinking like I used to.  My body is shrinking back down to it “happy” weight.  Thank God. It was getting really bad there for a minute.  I guess the stress of living in Arizona was really getting to me.

Here? ZERO drama.  ZERO stress.  That makes for a happy Robin. 🙂  I think the total so far is close to 20 pounds.  I think I gained almost 45 in the period of 6 months.  That is so no bueno on so many levels.  My clothes are slowly NOT killing me anymore.  I am walking at least 30 minutes to an hour everyday because of Otis 250691_10151660761354838_1816424780_n.  This little dog has energy.  He is a Puggle that believes he is a Boxer.  He feels the need to challenge everything (including bears) and give me a brisk walk up and down the hill I reside on.  I have a OMFG type hill that I am sure the Skittle will punk out on once the Alaskan Winter arrives.

Alaskan winter.  Apparently IT. IS. COMING.  The is the way the locals say it.  Winter…it is coming.  I am looking at the calendar thinking we are still in August.  Is there no Fall in Alaska??  Two seasons. Winter then… BAM… Summer for a few weeks…then BAM…winter again.  I have to admit it does feel like winter here for me.  I am used to Arizona Bake Your Brains Heat so I am wearing sweaters and shivering (I guess that is helping burn that fat off my ass) while everyone is looking at me like I’m special.  This morning it was in the 30s…I saw my breath in the air.  Really groovy!

So…no fast food!  How does a single gal cope??  I am really only ingesting water, fish, salad.  Or WADDA, FICH,SALA like Operation Osmin says it.  Water. Fish. Salad. Not because that is what I WANT to eat…it is what is readily available for me.  I have to admit…if I look at, smell, think of salmon I want to hurl.  I really do not want to have another piece of salmon around me.  I don’t want tuna anymore either…I’m pretty much sick of eating.  I know I need to eat but NOTHING is appetizing to me.  Sugary stuff is too sweet, don’t want anything with bread, crackers and potato chips are too salty…and fish has become too fishy.  So right now I am rehydrating myself and only eating to keep from passing out.

At least I am not impersonating an apple anymore…getting my Cougar look back!




  1. roberta4949 says:

    why alaska? you couldn’t of picked a more colder place to live had you tried, I guess you like extremes then? hot then cold maybe back to hot again? lol

    • Kookie says:

      :)…actually Juneau has milder winter temps because of the Tongass rain forest. I lived in Upstate New York for 6 years so a little cold won’t hurt me. I was tired of AZ and I grew up in New Orleans. If anything this place has proved to be an adventure…

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