My Low Carb BK Breakfast…Plus…ICEES!

A breakfast for low carbing champions. 2 eggs, a slice of cheese, two slices of bacon, and two hamburger patties (I found the sausage patties had too much sugar)…Grand total $4.80. Not bad considering how much I would be spending on a regular meal from BK…full of carbs too!


I LOVE the fact that so many companies are going the Mio route. I LOVE ICEES! I grew up with them as a kid. NOW I can make the Cherry and the Blue Raspberry (SUGAR FREE) anytime I feel like it. I also noticed that Hawaiian Punch is also doing the same thing. I am so glad there are other options now…Crystal Light and Kool Aid are okay…but now we have Hawaiian Punch and ICEES…YAY! I found this at Walmart.


This little breakfast will probably hold me until dinner.  There is a benefit to eating this way…loss of weight in the middle and lack of appetite.

I can do that all day.

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