Fishie, Fishie, Fishie!

I was checking out my favorite site Mystic Medusa and look what I found:


“For The Water Sign That Has Everything…”


I love fish!  That would be the coolest thing to have in my bathroom.  I am a water sign afterall…

I am looking at leaving for Alaska at the end of this month or the beginning of JUly.  I have a kick butt 15 gallon aquarium and a problem.  I have my Fishies…Black Moors, Fantails, Multicolored, and just Goldfish…and I have had them for almost two years.  I have grown attached to the little critters and just cannot bear to flush them.  I cannot find anyone that will take the fishies and it is bothering the heck outta me.


Does anyone know if a pet store would take the fish?  Flushing them is CRUEL…especially if they have personality like mine does.


🙁  How could anyone flush a face like that?? 🙁

Gonna call all the pet stores in the area to see who will take my lovelies.


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