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Auke Bay, Alaska

Trying to secure a house in the Western part of Juneau…very very pretty area.  Crossing my fingers that I can secure this house because it is literally a deal of a lifetime .



This really feels like the right thing to do.  I am getting ZERO resistance getting things ready.

Loving it!


Oopsie Roll Recipe…

Reblogging this recipe…it is the best replacement for bread if you are one of those that positively NEED bread in your life. I followed the recipe and what I got had the consistency of hamburger buns AND it actually tasted great. I reblog Cleo’s Oopsie Roll Recipe!



I’m nomming on some kick butt tuna for breakfast this morning.   I have always eaten whatever I am craving while on low carb.   I’m getting that protein in where I can.   This diet is a great diuretic and suppresses the appetite.

Tuna salad and chicken salad have always been the cheap high protein meals that I use to make sure I stay on track.  I have noticed that processed food (junk)  is way cheaper than healthier ones.

Here is what I keep stocked to ensure I can keep eating low carb even if I am broke:

  • cans of tuna (water packed)
  • cans of chicken
  • ground meat
  • chicken that is on sale (freeze it!)
  • turkey wings or legs (CHEAP…and so good and filling)
  • eggs (can’t stress eggs enough)
  • frozen vegetables (NO CORN, CARROTS, POTATOES, PEAS)
  • canned tomatoes
  • frozen blueberries
  • frozen strawberries
  • head of lettuce
  • tomatoes (the ones on sale)
  • butter
  • canola oil
  • olive oil
  • frozen fish
  • frozen shrimp (not cooked ones, RAW and the ones on sale)

That is my on the cheap list.  Every week I look through the papers at the sale ads for the different grocery stores.  My favorite brand is Great Value from Walmart.  Great Value brands are the best thing that every happened to a girl on a budget.  I will try to buy Great Value first before any name brand.  Ever since my divorce I haven’t been able to use the commissary benefit…poo!   So now I am a sale searching girl. Every now and then I will buy a nice roast or a nice steak and eat that…but the list you see above is a great start point for low carbing.  Also FIND YOURSELF A TAP WATER FILTER to put on your faucet.  This diet requires lots of water and you will save so much if you just use filtered water instead of bottled water.


Today for lunch (if I remember…I stay full) I will have a nice Cobb Salad (got a BIG SALAD at Papa Murphy’s for $5) with some olive oil and vinegar dressing.  Any dressing will do (except thousand island or the sweet ones…check the carbs) as long as it is FULL FAT dressing.  Light or fat-free dressings have a higher sugar and carb count…check it out if you think I am fibbing.  The companies have to replace the fat they removed with something…usually SUGAR.

So there you have it…low carb on the cheap.  If there is a will there is a way…you don’t have to break yourself to lose weight.  I should know…I’m a divorcee on a very limited budget…about to be furloughed.



More Juneau Stuff For My Family…

Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

View of downtown Juneau from the Baranoff Hote...

View of downtown Juneau from the Baranoff Hotel, Juneau, Alaska, April 11, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Cathedral of the Nativity in Juneau, Alaska

The Cathedral of the Nativity in Juneau, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ferry Way, Juneau Alaska

Ferry Way, Juneau Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…Check it out!

Give my parents something to visit. There is also a Disney Alaskan Cruise…Kellie and Louis. 🙂

🙂 Wonder if I could get Mama to do this with me??

I’m really excited! The stress I am experiencing right now is unbelievable…I’m about to be furloughed…yet I still can’t wait to get going!

Flipping Furlough!


I just got my notice that I will be losing 88 hours or 11 days due to the Government Furlough.

Filth! Flarn! Filth!

This will begin in July…

I’m irritated.  I’m not going to be in Arizona long enough to secure a second job.  I could look at this in a better way…

At least EVERY weekend I have will be a three-day one until I go over to the Coast Guard.


I’m gonna be broke as The Ten Commandments this summer.

Still A Kookie…

…still Krumbling…just now Cracked and Fresher!


New packaging. Same shit. What a bargain!


I tend to change the name of my blog from time to time to stave off the boredom AND to reflect how things are going for me and the life that I have made for myself.

Let’s see…about to turn 44. Perimenopausal. Bi-polar (yeah…groovy meds). Moving. Back on the forever diet I have been on.

Yes…it is time to go back to this name for my blog.

It feels…




Burger King LOW CARB Breakfast


I am not going to say eat THIS every morning!

If you are willing to get somewhat confused looks and have to repeat yourself every now and again you can achieve a cheap FILLING low carb breakfast from Burger King. Order the SIDES! 🙂

A side order of scrambled eggs (two scoops of scrambled eggs) 100 calories/10g protein/3g carbs scrambled-eggs

A side order of sausage patties (1 patty) 170 calories/8g protein/1g carbsausage patties


A side of bacon (2 strips) 30 calories/2g protein/0 carbs 200418761-001


$1.80 (mine was $2.40 because I got 2 sides of eggs…being greedy and couldn’t finish it)

Yep, at .60 a side that is a great price.  I only do this once a week now because I am really serious about eating the right things for my body.  AND…I see this as fuel to keep my body going.


I couldn’t find actual pictures of the Burger King sides and I had already eaten all of mine, so I found pictures. But don’t you wish the food would look that good when we get it?  It’s fast food (remember that) so your plate may not look pretty…but it is good and keeps you full for hours!

One more thing:


The sweet and savory dessert features the rich and creamy vanilla BK® soft serve, drizzled with chocolate fudge, caramel and topped with bacon crumbles, complete with a thick-cut, hardwood smoked bacon garnish.

Dear Lord! …510 calories/18g fat/61g sugar/75g carbs/do we care about protein at this point?…I need to pray.

This was offered last year and not sure if it will be back.  Just PROOF that bacon is its’ own FOOD GROUP.  This is a “You can’t tell me what to do or eat ‘cuz I’m GROWN” type thing.

Nice.  Too bad it’s not offered right now because I probably would be sitting in a dark room eating this while rocking and muttering to myself. 😀


JUST because I am hard core low carbing now…they invent those!!

They do look amazing don’t they? Alas, there is NO low carb substitution I can think of to make these…

Enjoy some of these low carb links below.

No fair!



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