I like BIG BUTTS…um…maybe not!

WHY would ANYONE want their behind to be compared to that of a donkey‘s?? Just not attractive to me…and looks off (for lack of a better word). Most women try to reduce the size of their butts…not the lady below. Thousands of injections and infections to make herself look…deformed (my opinion).  A natural behind (one you just have) looks much better (even big)

Donkeys on Hydra, Greece

Donkeys on Hydra, Greece (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1,000s of injections?? Just to make your ass look like you can set a plate on it? A shelf?  I mean you have a 23 inch waist, thin legs and suddenly to have 60 inch hips/ass…it looks like a deformity…weird!  If I hear:

  • superglue
  • cement
  • auto grade silicon
  • infected/lumpy
  • donkey butt (I’m sorry having my ass compared to a donkey’s just isn’t attractive)

A big ass isn’t worth death to me.  If I want a big ass I will just EAT my way to one not add silicon to it. Less expensive.

Now…off to improve what the Lord bestowed me with by doing squats.  I may not have a video girl booty…I have a Rob-Booty and I can assure you there is someone out there that thinks it looks just fine!

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