Changes…much needed!




So…I looked at myself in the mirror this weekend and decided it is time for some changes.  I removed the dragon lady nails and went with some that suited me more.  The piercings?? Yeah…took the crap out of my face.  I’ve had the Monroe and Nose piercings for damn near 5 years now.  The nails?? Over 20 years…just time to do something different with the way I look.  I’m seriously considering a hair cut…just not sure what I want to do yet.  My hair is finally healthy enough to do something with it… YAY BIOTIN!

It feels better to do what I want to do and not try to look a certain way to please someone else.


To continue working on this temple that is my body.  Not used to the Curvy Girl look yet so that tells me I did the initial working out and weightloss for me afterall…

Any suggestions for haircuts or if you think I need one would be welcome! 🙂


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