Big Salad!!


Now HOW can this make you fat??  I am slowly reverting back the way I was eating when I started doing low carb the first time.  I was craving Big Salads.  I would eat two of those a day and it really helped with the weight loss.  Now for the Whole30 the cheese is unacceptable. Core?  This is great! Since I am trying to stick to the Whole 30 plan I didn’t eat the cheese.  You will find that you are craving vegetables and fruits instead of the crap you were used to putting into your body. Salad for breakfast?? Why not?

I’m ready for my workout this afternoon.  It will be more Body Pump and Taebo.  Judging from the soreness I am feeling I think I am on track.

Now…keeping with the salad theme I will have a Fish Taco Salad…with cabbage instead of lettuce.  There will be avocados!  There will be fish!  There will be Pico de Gallo! I will definitely take a picture of my creation after I get it looking all pretty.

It’s about that time for a brain dump kinda post…I’m starting to get a headache there are so many thoughts up there! 🙂 Need to purge…


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