Sticking To My Guns…

Yep!  I decided that I needed something warm-ish for lunch today.  Tuna is good but after a while it gets to ya! 🙂  I decided to go to Burger King here on post.  They are usually pretty good with orders but sometimes you get a melee in the kitchen because someone ordered something without the bread.  That is what happened today!

I do enjoy a good melee… LOL!

Order started off simple enough.  Chicken Caesar Salad- Tendergrill/no croutons/Caesar Dressing (it is a caesar salad).

Now…there was a look of concern on the poor baby’s face because he isn’t used to someone specifying TENDERGRILL.  I guess most people on this post just get it with the fried chicken.  I have always said this: SALADS don’t make you fat…it is what you put on top of them. 🙂 I believe I am still within the Paleo realm if not Whole30…but I look at it this way A Gal can eat only so much tuna before she starts to want to swim.

NOW…the melee part.  I ordered two turkey patties.

🙂 🙂 🙂 hee!

Just the turkey patties.  No bread. Patties. Broiled, put in a container, give to me in a bag…I’m off.


Manager had to be called because the kid at the register said…”Well. I’m going to have to charge you for two turkey burgers because I can’t find the patty button.”

To which I responded “No Honey…the patties are cheaper than the burger.  I just want the patty. Ask the manager.”

Manager come up and looks at me and says that there isn’t a button. HUH? No button so I can’t have it I guess.  WE come to the agreement that the turkey burger is just like the veggie burger so he charged me for two veggie patties (they HAVE a button for that). I was happy…Manager yells in the back that the veggie patties are actually turkey patties.  Then the questions from the back:

Does she still want chicken?

Does she want the patties on top the salad?

Does she want the chicken on top the salad or separately?

Does she want EACH PATTY in a separate container?

What kind of dressing on her Caesar salad??

Jeez! I was also told by the manager that I am DIFFICULT and COMPLICATED? Really?  Most of the time my food from them is easy.  How complicated is it to get a burger and put it on a plate. No bread. No lettuce. Nothing but meat?  I was irritated by that especially since he said that the little dude wanted to take a break because I am the complicated one.

Meat on a plate, then in the bag. Omit bread. Complicated.


I enjoyed the melee…HA!  And I will continue to Have it MY WAY!


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