Negotiating My Tail Off…


Negotiations have started for my move to Alaska.  They want me there in May…I want to go there in June.  I hope we see eye to eye on this one of I will be respectfully declining the offer.  I am trying to locate a place to live in Alaska right now.  That is proving to be a challenge since it seems the Landlords there are looking for pet-less/non-smokers.  You would think that the Last Wilderness would be pet friendly.  Don’t people hunt there?? Everything has been microscopic in size as far as square footage and expensive.  The homes are mostly old…and then after you are condemned to living in a box for outrageous rent…they throw in the no pets rule.  I can NOT smoke.  That is easy for me, just not sure about the pets.  Every show out there about Alaska has animals  EVERYWHERE.  I just can’t have one in Alaska unless it is trying to eat me I guess.



Let’s work with the I want you here in May issue for now.

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