Puggle Pee Party…and I still need a workout

250691_10151660761354838_1816424780_nYep. Otis is hosting private pee parties in my workout room, on my comforter, in the living room, pretty much everywhere but out-flipping-side! Grr. My blood pressure is going up and I am slowly realizing that I am NOT a dog person.  It is like having a constant toddler in my house.  At the potty training age.  Male creatures seem to be the hardest to train.  I found that out with my son…and now with this puppy.  I thought a pug was hard…this dog is 10 times harder. By far.

I caught Otis in the act today so he got a smack on the behind (I hated doing that but I was MAD) and he is banished outside until I can clean out the house of kennel smells. My workout room seems to be his favorite place so I guess I will start there.

I guess today will be a day of late starts for me:




Oh well….it is what it is.

Officially on day 3 of Whole30.  I had a couple of slip ups yesterday but I am not one to quit.  I will get this under control.  I didn’t gain all this back overnight.  It was 6 months…but it really felt like I woke up one morning and nothing fit anymore.

Exercise will be Body Pump with some Taebo afterwards.

I’m on a tuna kick right now so lunch and dinner will be tuna for sure.  I am finding eating this way to be easier than I thought.  I just need to rid the house of bullshit food that is still somewhat around.

I’m off to bleach, cook, pray, and exercise.


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