Eating Clean and Exercise…

…makes you AGELESS!


70 years old…amazing!!

Linda says; “It is dedicated to the sport of Body Building and health and fitness. On January 5, 2012 I celebrated my 69th birthday and I am in my 29th year of participating in bodybuilding. … Coming from a track and field and dance background of my youth, I discovered bodybuilding at age 39 and it changed my life. To me it is the most exacting, fascinating, demanding, selfish, disciplined sport I know of and I love it. !! In some ways it helped me balance the demands of my professional career plus it gave me the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people. During the competition season my website features pictures and results from just about all the New York bodybuilding shows, some New Jersey shows, National and IFBB shows. Also featured are photo shoots of some of the top bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors. From time to time I feature videos on specific people, fitness classes etc and health and fitness articles of interest. I have just changed the focus of my VIP section to be just for competitors who need my help and advise for contest preparation, and for people who want me to help them lose weight by designing specific training and diet programs for them. I am a National and International Bodybuilding champion with 27 years of body building experience. My bodybuilding career has run concurrently with my 40-year professional management career in corporate America which spanned working for five Fortune 500 companies. I am also a certified personal trainer with demonstrated success delivering nutritional seminars and exhibiting training techniques at sports conventions and shows. Currently I am serving as a National (NPC), Professional (IFBB) and International judge. In addition, I have been a US delegate and judge to the World Universe Championships and have been acknowledged for my longevity and dedication to the sport of bodybuilding. At age 67, I am still respected in the gym for my strength and training skills. I was granted Pro Status as an IFBB Bodybuilder May 2004.”

She is older than my Father…and looks younger than me. If this isn’t inpiration enough for me to get off my behind and exercise…I don’t know what will be.  She started lifting at 40!  Guess what?? Low carb eating is best for lifting weights!




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