Before Pictures…

…why do they tend to be the worst pictures that are ever taken of an individual??  That BEFORE picture that I took was about two months ago…at a bad angle…my hair was all jacked up…and can we say BLOAT?? I DO NOT look like that now.  It is so NOT DIVA that I am about to remove it.  Motivation?? Well, you can say I have that now.  Vanity is a sin and I have to say…I am sinning big time.  🙂  I am making progress though, my Spring/Summer clothes are KINDA fitting me.  I believe another 10 pounds and I will be back to my fighting/sexy weight.  Don’t get it twisted…I’m SEXY now…I just want a little less SEXY on me.

Going to ponder a new “before” picture, get my thoughts together about a LIFE post I am considering,  and get a recipe up for this refreshing cranberry drink I am sipping on.

That picture? Just terrible! Not an accurate depiction of me at all.  Definitely having a non photogenic moment!




  1. Gee Jordan says:

    LOL.. Soooo true!!! If you see the before pics on stuff on TV the before pic is always horrible.. Their hair isn’t done, there’s no make up… but the after pic is all in HD.. They person has a nice glow about them and everything.. lol .. BTW you’re looking very attractive to me in this pic.. I hope this is the “before” pic.. *wink wink*

  2. Kookie says:

    Aw! Thanks!! I tend to go to Virginia for TDY. I will let you know! Now…off the be too old to blush… You made my day Honey.

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