I’m awake again and HUNGRY!  Not for food…the drive and the commitment is back. Thank you God.  🙂

I guess looking at the newest before picture I posted and going through my blog…seeing where I came from.  That did it!  Also…a coworker of mine has lost 85 pounds and she now weighs less than I do. Oh hell no!  As happy as I am for her success…the competitive nature in me said WTF?? Get in there and kick ass Girl. 🙂 So I am…the workout Diva is back. Feels good!

Exercise today: Taebo Advanced Live

Taebo Bootcamp Elite Focus Upper Body with 5 pound weights

2 quarts of water with the workout(I needed it…I think I sweat out 5 pounds alone)

I’m not hungry because of the evening workout ( a benefit) and that doesn’t matter since I will stop eating by 7PM.

Off to rest these muscles…Later!

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