Scary?? Really??

I think NOT!


This is the pictures of the Before and After of Danni from the Biggest Loser.  She looks amazing and healthy to me…NOT scary.  I see lean mass….muscles…confidence…health.   This is the inspiration I am taking.  IF she can do it…then so can I.  Yep…let’s look at SCARY…

2013-02-05_10.20.42[3]  THAT IS SCARY!!  That was taken almost two months ago.  I look different now, but I just needed to clarify SCARY (pre-diabetic, obese, high blood pressure, depression…I’M SHAMED…THAT is the reason I am down 15 pounds now)  to HEALTHY…rotaterdanni_allen(glowing, lean,muscular, healthy).  The only thing that is SCARY about Danni to some people is the hard work that it took to get to where she is now.  Scary my ass…I thinkshe has shamed me to work harder because I KNOW it is possible to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.

So…disgusting ass worse picture I EVER took is on this blog.  Why does one always look like pure shit when they take a before picture.  My hair was even being stupid.  Ack!

I will be taking  picture every week just to show progress.  I am also going to stick to my workout plans.  If this young lady could commit herself to doing 4 hours of exercise 6 days a week…I think I can manage an hour.  Just need to start.  Need my body back…it’s springtime.  Time to look all pastel and fit!

Tonight will be :

Les Mills Pump Challenge

Taebo or Walk Away the Pounds…at least 50 minutes of cardio.

Will be back with my check-in and a picture of the recipes that I posted.



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