On track!

I am wondering why I stopped exercising regularly. My body and my mind are benefiting from Billy Blanks and his punching and kicking.  According to My Fitness Pal I will be very close to my goal weight in 5 weeks.  I can handle that!  I am also noticing my exercising is allowing me to eat just a little more while still losing weight.  I look at the calories burned as extra money being deposited in the bank.  I like seeing “money” left over…that means a loss for the week. Inches or pounds…I will take either.  It would be nice to be able to wear all my cute clothes again.

Last night was Taebo 2 Get Ripped Advanced Live 2.  Tonight was the Original Taebo from 1998…Advanced!  I am NOT 30 anymore…it is obvious. BUT I have better stamina than when I was 30.  I was still sweating like crazy (dripping sweat…I see that as melting fat) but I got through the workout and the floor work solidly.  Sometimes the older workouts are the best ones.  I guess that is why Billy Boy is going back to His Basics.  I checked online and the Original 4 pack (VHS) is available on Amazon. I happened to pick up the DVD version in Germany many moons ago…I’m glad I did. It is selling for as much as 150.00. Yikes!

I will be starting the Advanced Live Series tomorrow.  If I don’t lose weight doing these workouts then there is something medically wrong with me.  You WILL LOSE weight doing the older Taebos even without changing your eating.  I personally LOVE burning 800 calories in an hour. Beats the treadmill any day.

My eating has been okay.  I am finding myself going over the 20 grams of carbs allowed on Atkins Induction. No worries though…I am looking at the extra carbs I am consuming as a little extra UMPH needed to get through my routines. I am still low carb according to My Fitness Pal…AND…it is fussing that I am not eating enough calories.  I can’t add more calories to my diet due to the fact I am not hungry after exercising.  Just thirsty.  Water isn’t an issue for me at all. 🙂  The added calories are coming from the Taebo.  Oh well…

Need to shower and become friends with Icy Hot.  I am sore due to the tantrum my body is having. 🙂  I believe the best thing I could have done was join the Biggest Loser Challenge at work. I have my motivation again!


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