Taebo Advanced Live Series

I am sitting here trying to figure out when I will work in pure cardio. Totally forgot I have the Taebo Live Series….Volumes 1-12.  So like the 12 days of Christmas (sing it…you know you want to!) I will do the 12 days of Taebo. 🙂  This will be epic!  Then…I will move on to Taebo Total, Taebo 2 ( advanced)….pretty much will go through my whole library until I have done each one.

Muscle confusion and weight loss will result.  Now why would I spend more money on workouts.  I have a plan that I know is effective.  It works even without dieting.  🙂

Billy has said it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Let’s test that theory.

If anything it will be an interesting  2 months !:-)

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