Coconut Oil…

..going hardcore with my diet again!  I am starting the coconut oil regimen again.  It increases your metabolism, reduces hunger…AND…YES it does help in weight loss…IT WORKS!

Most people take the softcaps…those work but sometimes taking the caps can be annoying. I personally like spooning it out and just taking it. It works faster…


Things You’ll Need

  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Hot water/Coffee works too
  • Tablespoon                                                                                                                      Purchase a jar of virgin coconut oil from a local grocery or health food store. It can be virgin or extra virgin, just not regular coconut oil.Drink a mixture of 8 ounces warm water and 1 tbsp. of virgin coconut oil once a day. You can also add it to protein shakes if desired

    Take 1 tbsp. of virgin coconut oil for the first 2 weeks of your diet in addition to eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Avoid fatty and processed foods as much as possible.

    Increase your intake of coconut oil to 2 to 3 tbsp. of virgin coconut oil a day.

    Continue taking coconut oil until you reach your desired weight, and if possible continue taking at least 1 tbsp. a day to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.


It does take some getting used to…BUT…remember back in the day when women would take tablespoons of apple cider vinegar?? And it wasn’t a diet if liver wasn’t somewhere on the menu?? Yeah…this should be way easier!

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