I am a professional dweller. If there was a job out there for people who dwell and wallow in their past…I would be the Subject Matter Expert.   I tend to replay situations over and over again thinking about how I should have/could have handled it.  My amazing dwelling ability has successfully stalled me for the past year and a half.  I have been sitting around thinking about all the crossroads I have come across and my innate ability to pick the hardest road for myself. Never fails…it is a gift I guess.  Being a “Glass-is-half-full” kind of Gal (most days I am pretty optimistic about “THE LIFE” I have chosen for myself) I usually shrug it off and call it a “Learning Moment” or “God’s Will” or (get this) “What I Have Written In My Chart”…but never ever took the responsibility for the CHOICES that I have made.  What I have realized is this :

 Everything that is going on in my life is a direct and equal REACTION to MY ACTIONS.

FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL REACTION. That is the way it is. Nothing has happened because of bad luck or being born under a bad sign. This life is what I have made of it…and for the longest time I haven’t really had any plans for my future other than being a Wife and a Mother.

 The infamous words of The Joker “Why so serious??”  can applied to me right now. 🙂 There is a reason. Sometimes things just hit you in a certain way that makes you feel like you have been doused with cold water.  This time it came from my Younger Brother…Bobby.  I’m the oldest but I have learned that being older doesn’t always make you wiser…My Younger Siblings have really imparted much knowledge upon me.  I am eternally grateful for their straightforward demeanor.

Ok…so what did Bob do that made me decide to bore the blog world with my thoughts…ponderings…and realizations?  A literal A-HA moment?? He updated his Facebook Status.  This is what he wrote:

If you have a plan for the future, you will not DWELL in the past. A question you should ask yourself is how many truly successful people blog about their past? Not many. This is because they are too busy moving on and planning for the future. Set a goal and get over it…..

This is Bobby…my almost twin. The Man is a Male version of me…Doesn’t he look WONDERFUL?? Very successful…for a reason.

 My Brother has been through things that would make ANYONE just want to throw in the towel and quit.  Believe me when I say that…I just think about all the trials he has endured and it makes me shudder.  He went back to school at night in his 30’s while working full-time as a Police Officer to become a Lawyer.  He had a Goal in mind. He decided that he would focus on himself and not dwell on the things that didn’t work out for him. He assessed the situation and moved forward…never looking back. Never lamenting his situation…just got over it and continued towards his Final Goal he had set for himself.
He IS a Lawyer now…ESQ is behind his name.  I am proud. And I will listen for once.
My Momma once asked me “Why don’t you just LISTEN to what people have to say for once?”  I understand NOW what she meant. Make my mind quiet…still. Get rid of all the garbage that I have been holding onto…things that I have no control over. Stop with the damn lamenting about my situation…past, current, or future.
It is only money…the world still rotates…a hundred years from now no one will care (Hell 10 minutes…most people really do not care about your crap)…AND…I have a finite existence on this Earth. Why waste the precious years I have left being miserable?? When I die…I want to remember the GOOD things (A Bobby-ism too).
Alright…I have the signs. I’m taking the hint…it is time I make GOOD MEMORIES for myself and move forward towards my goal. 
Right now…it is getting below 160 pounds. Simple and doable…I always believe in the K.I.S.S method. It has worked for me in the past…
Jumping off my Fabulous Soapbox…and going back to regular programming…
Later! 🙂
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