…otherwise known as Legumes. Also known as the magical fruit (based on the carols sung about beans), a staple in most diets. As a native New Orleanian…dinner on Mondays (also known as Wash Day), a Creole powerhouse that EVERYONE is supposed to love.

Um…NOPE! I discovered last night that I still hate,er, despise beans. Legumes. The Magical Fruit…there is no magic being made for me.  I had all the good intentions last night when I embarked upon my bean makery (not a word I know), but we all know about “good intentions”. My personal Bean Hell is paved with all my healthy good intentions. I cannot make myself eat a damn bean. I tried…I added enough things into the pot to make them taste like “Not-Beans“. In the end…it was the texture that got me.

I am a taster when it comes to cooking. If you don’t taste then actually you aren’t supposed to be able to cook them. I guess I am an Idiot Savant when it comes to bean cookery…I go by the way they smell. I can’t even get myself to taste the stuff to make sure they are cooked properly….sigh.

I have been told that my beans are amazing and that I “put my foot”  (A New Orleans Saying for GOOD) in the pot each and every time I make them.  I am a firm believer in MUCH-MANY-MANY-MEATS in beans (makes them taste not-beany) and I remember what my Grandma and Mother put in them when I was a child. I also remember the smell…hence my ability to cook the bane of my existence by the aroma wafting from the pot.

This new  Fat Smash Program has a whole lotta beans and rice involved with it. I am rethinking my game plan now because I will find myself not eating more than eating if I follow this to the letter.  I also don’t like the hostility I am feeling towards my plate when I look and discover a bean…almost like I feel when I see an olive or a pickle. I despise those things too. I know…weird. 🙂

I haven’t eaten a bean (on purpose) since I turned 18. I am now 43…and my feelings are still the same about the mighty legume.  Tastes change as we get older…apparently this hatred is set in stone.

No Sir…I don’t like it.

I guess I am a carnivore at heart. Low carb for me…it seems  I always end up on that road in the end.

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