:) I'm Here!

I do believe that is true.  Sometimes just sitting back and letting things take the natural course is best.  I have been literally hiding out for the past couple of months. I’m now getting back into the swing of things.
I have started working out again. Exercise is something that is necessary for me. I guess I actually need those endorphins to function properly. My eating is good…well..I tend to forget to eat. That is “No Bueno” but it is getting better.  🙂
Right now I am changing the format of the old blog. I am still gonna write about weight loss but I will also sprinkle in some of “The Life” I chose in there.  It is therapeutic for me and also isn’t it fun to read about someone elses’ train wreck of a life??
So…gonna finish up somethings around here. Cleaning out my desk and moving on to a new chapter in my life …and new opportunities.
I will be back later! 🙂

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