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33 years later….



Ahhh…the memories of dancing in front of my Mom and Dad’s record player…in my bell bottoms…looking FLY! (That is my story and I am sticking to it)

Later Friends!

On track!

I am wondering why I stopped exercising regularly. My body and my mind are benefiting from Billy Blanks and his punching and kicking.  According to My Fitness Pal I will be very close to my goal weight in 5 weeks.  I can handle that!  I am also noticing my exercising is allowing me to eat just a little more while still losing weight.  I look at the calories burned as extra money being deposited in the bank.  I like seeing “money” left over…that means a loss for the week. Inches or pounds…I will take either.  It would be nice to be able to wear all my cute clothes again.

Last night was Taebo 2 Get Ripped Advanced Live 2.  Tonight was the Original Taebo from 1998…Advanced!  I am NOT 30 anymore…it is obvious. BUT I have better stamina than when I was 30.  I was still sweating like crazy (dripping sweat…I see that as melting fat) but I got through the workout and the floor work solidly.  Sometimes the older workouts are the best ones.  I guess that is why Billy Boy is going back to His Basics.  I checked online and the Original 4 pack (VHS) is available on Amazon. I happened to pick up the DVD version in Germany many moons ago…I’m glad I did. It is selling for as much as 150.00. Yikes!

I will be starting the Advanced Live Series tomorrow.  If I don’t lose weight doing these workouts then there is something medically wrong with me.  You WILL LOSE weight doing the older Taebos even without changing your eating.  I personally LOVE burning 800 calories in an hour. Beats the treadmill any day.

My eating has been okay.  I am finding myself going over the 20 grams of carbs allowed on Atkins Induction. No worries though…I am looking at the extra carbs I am consuming as a little extra UMPH needed to get through my routines. I am still low carb according to My Fitness Pal…AND…it is fussing that I am not eating enough calories.  I can’t add more calories to my diet due to the fact I am not hungry after exercising.  Just thirsty.  Water isn’t an issue for me at all. 🙂  The added calories are coming from the Taebo.  Oh well…

Need to shower and become friends with Icy Hot.  I am sore due to the tantrum my body is having. 🙂  I believe the best thing I could have done was join the Biggest Loser Challenge at work. I have my motivation again!


Taebo Advanced Live Series

I am sitting here trying to figure out when I will work in pure cardio. Totally forgot I have the Taebo Live Series….Volumes 1-12.  So like the 12 days of Christmas (sing it…you know you want to!) I will do the 12 days of Taebo. 🙂  This will be epic!  Then…I will move on to Taebo Total, Taebo 2 ( advanced)….pretty much will go through my whole library until I have done each one.

Muscle confusion and weight loss will result.  Now why would I spend more money on workouts.  I have a plan that I know is effective.  It works even without dieting.  🙂

Billy has said it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Let’s test that theory.

If anything it will be an interesting  2 months !:-)


Since I have started using My Fitness Pal I am painfully aware when I am having a crap day.


Today was a crap low carb day.  Instead of saying “Forget this!” ….I’m just gonna continue low carbing, tweak what needs to be tweaked and move forward.

That is all I can do…will not say that I have failed.

That isn’t an option for me.

Tomorrow will be a clean low carb food day….and a 90 minute session of Taebo.  I need the 1172 calories burned.

Now…time for some brain fluff in the form of Ghost Adventures. 🙂 🙂

I can’t wait for Halloween to pass….I didn’t even like the candy I ate today.

More Tools…

Blogging is a wonderful tool to keep you motivated and honest while on your fitness journey.  Another tool I have found is My Fitness Pal.

This is a MUST HAVE. It has a huge database of foods. You can track your weight and measurements. It also has a database of exercises so you can track your “movement in oxygen”.  I am looking for as many friends to be encouraged by and also to give encouragement to…so if you decide to join my Member Name is Iggykatt.

I logged in all my foods, water, and exercise in last night. It yelled at me because I am doing low carb (I am not eating enough calories) BUT…It did predict how much I would weigh in 5 weeks if I continued on the path I am on…I DEFINITELY WILL CONTINUE ON THIS PATH.  I liked what it told me…did the Snoopy dance in front of the computer last night. 🙂 

Seriously…consider visiting this site. It is very useful and it also helps you see WHY you may be stalling with weight loss.


“All these vegetables I am eating…

…is making me fat!”, said NO ONE EVER. 🙂

I am a firm believer that berries and vegetables do not make me fat.  I am following Atkins and that is the only thing I am tweaking…my vegetable and fruit intake.  big salads and blueberries…fiber and antioxidants…I can’t go wrong.

Joined the Biggest Loser competition at work today with 6 other co-workers. 8 weeks of eating healthy and exercising.  I read that it takes 21 days to make something a habit. I’m hoping this becomes a habit for me again.

Starting weight : 170.6 (with clothes) YIKES!  Next weigh in on Thursday.

I’m hoping to lose at least 20 pounds by 12/20. 🙂




Well…I guess we all have some insecurities.  We wouldn’t be human is we didn’t have any.  I am not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me…I do not require sympathy.  This is a place for me to dump my brain in a semi humorous way.  I also believe if someone can learn from the many mistakes I have made or at least know that they are not alone with everyday challenges in This Life…it is worth it. 

Medication?? I’m taking it and I am better for it. If you go through my thoughts and read more than 75 pages and then have the audacity to label ME as insecure…well…I guess you have experience and can recognize someone like yourself.

It is way creepy.

I can’t stand close-minded judgemental people.


I just found out that I was given a week off!  That is better than ANY cash award.  WOOT WOOT! Trying to figure out what I want to do with my week…today is a good day!

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