Weighted Bar…

I am on a mission to find myself a 4lb weighted bar. I found the one that I need, but, of course, it is in  Tucson. I’m tired of playing with the bar that I have now. Going up to 4 pounds (may consider 5) so I know I will feel the workouts again.

It’s padded…and I am hoping not too long. I really want to get this!

I will be using this with the Taebo Amped system I have been using since 2007. I have gone through a ton of the ones that Billy Blanks used to sell. I don’t think I can find the “Amped Bar” on sale anymore. That is usually the case with Taebo. It is impossible to find the older workouts these days.
Anyhoo…It seems I will be going to a Sports Authority this evening after work.  Possible road trip for me!

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