I can’t wait to find out!  My daughter and her fiance are coming by to see me tonight. YAY…I get to cook something. The meal will NOT be low carb since this is a somewhat special occasion for me .
Fried fish, potato salad, peas and carrots, corn bread…AND I may even attempt some brownies. 🙂 Good home cooked meal.
My weight loss has been good. I don’t really like the scale so I am going by how I look in my skirt. BAM!  Not bad for someone turning 43 in two weeks.
43 in two weeks! This has been quite a year for me. I am hoping 43 will bring more adventures for me. I think I deserve some fun after all of the drama I have experienced ending with my Love Note on my car.
So…no exercise. No eating low carb. No dieting. Just an evening of cooking and acting like a Mom!

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