Posting from my phone because I’m too tired to go to the computer.  Not a bad sore…one that tells me I’m making progress.
I have been using 2 pound walking weights to replace the T3 weights (1 pound each) and the Amped Bar (3 pounds total)…best investment ever! The extra pound makes a difference with resistance and the workout. 
I suggest to ANYONE doing a home workout (cardio type,Kickboxing, walk away the pounds) to invest in some hand weights. I find the walking weights are the best.  Comfy! The added strap helps. They also come in 1 pounders too.
Now…the results of my 3 day Meat and Egg Fast (the name is misleading …it is actually protein and eggs) I am in deep ketosis. The fast takes away the hunger and it makes the belly flatter.  I love having the option of eating the way I do. Now I can restart Induction.  I’m in full fat burning mode now!
I’m exhausted now…just wanted to check in. I’m hoping I will start seeing better results soon. I have been working really hard with exercising.  It feels good to do something for ME for a change.  Saving myself for once. 🙂
The birthday is coming up next month …43! I’m planning on not looking my age for as long as possible.

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