So True!!

I don’t believe in starving myself. I also know that “eating” helps with weight loss. I do not count calories. I monitor my Carb intake (although Cherry Garcia and wedding cake ice cream is haunting me) drink lots of water, and get in my exercise. When I did count calories…I was always hungry, lost the same 5 pound over and over, and gained. Sigh… I notice the new thing is HCG diet. Just have one thing to say about that: IF YOU ONLY EAT 500 CALORIES A DAY YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. Save your money on the drops…starve yourself. Kill your metabolism. And…expect to gain weight as soon as you eat normally again. Exercise isn’t recommended…so expect to be Skinnyfat. OR Find a plan that encourages exercise and actually consuming food. It doesn’t have to be low Carb. That works for me…just find your healthy and stick with it. In the end you will find your good health worth the trouble. You will also maintain your loss…make it a lifestyle.

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