HOT WINGS…Breakfast of Champions…


Hot Wings…every now and then I get a hankering for some chicken. These were deep fried in Canola (NO BREADING) and then put in the sauce to soak. Best way to eat them…not too messy.

I never prescribed to the breakfast foods mentality.  I love eggs and such…but sometimes I just feel like eating what my stomach is begging for.  This low carb option for breakfast has always been a winner for me. I will not be hungry until sometime this evening. If I do get a pang I will go to my favorite Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. Yum! 🙂
I’m still doing great with my eating (Cherry Garcia and Duff’s Wedding Cake Ice Cream…boo on you two!) , drinking my water with the help of Crystal Light, and I am exercising. I am starting to gravitate back to the older versions of Taebo.  The best ones are the Live versions (VHS only…don’t know if you can find those anymore) and Taebo II Get Ripped.  Tonight will be Taebo Advanced Live Volume 5. Floor work and stretching for days! 🙂
My back still hurts but it is bearable. It could be:

I could let the back pain make me a Sad Panda but I won’t. It does go away during exercise and movement. I find when I don’t do anything that is when it tightens up. I’m hoping with more weight loss and added muscles it will resolve the situation. In the meantime I’m going to a chiropractor (or maybe start dating one…lol) to get my back realigned, cracked, rubbed, pushed in, chanted over…whatever it takes to make walking again a joy. I refuse to give up my sexy heels…I have way too many shoes to have to go back to flats.
Diva until the end…even if I need a walker.

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