Dang! I hate when this happens. I am craving…something. I am not sure what it is I want to eat…but it isn’t low carb!  I have been really good at making sure I have nothing around me or the ability to get junk foods. It doesn’t mean I don’t want something bad.
I think I have some sugar free jello (the kind you make with boiling water) in the pantry. As soon as I get home I will be making that to have in the refrigerator.  Sugar Free Jello has always helped me whenever I go through the “what do I want” stage. Usually…I can ride it out and it goes away. This time I’m not so sure…



  1. Something that works for my cravings? Vitamin C. It sounds weird but I read on some health blog awhile back that if you pop a Vitamin C supplement when you’re craving something bad, it helps to suppress it. It really works for me!

  2. Kookie/Robin says:

    I will try that! It drives me crazy when I get this way…I’m usually very good with controlling the cravings. Thanks for the tip and commenting… 🙂

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