Hmmm…need a TUMMY TUCK!

I decided to get my navel pierced. NO…it is not a mid life crisis move. It is basically a tool for me to continue focusing on my midsection. I also like sparkly things ( if I could decorate myself like a XMAS tree I would) so it is for me to look at and smile.
Now…Janet Jackson I am NOT…so this added piercing will not be photographed for all bloguniverse to see. After 40 some things need to be put back on the shelf and viewed privately. 🙂
If that is the case…why am I bellowing tummy tuck? Because I did take a picture to see how it would look…eeekkk!  NO BUENO PEOPLE. I will definitely stick to tankinis for all eternity. Many surguries…70 pound gained and lost…two full term pregnancies and of course my age has caused stretch marks and loose skin. I am losing belly fat rapidly so I also have what I call jiggly puff. I can feel my ABS underneath and I know it will tighten up…eventually.
So…got the pretty pink sparkly on my belly. I am pleased…and I am determined to have it not look like an air valve for an inner tube. That means continue eating clean…consistent workouts…and a trip to the plastic surgeon once I am at goal. I don’t have to live with the battle scars of my long life if I dont have to.

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