I sometimes hate the camera. Something happens in the space between the lenses and my face. Dern!
Anyhoo…gonna do a good stretch. I need to do something because I don’t want my muscles tightening up on me. I actually started feeling worse when I stopped moving.  Then it is a hot shower and my Coney Island Chili Cheese Casserole. I do need to rest my body and my mind. I am finding myself mentally exhausted as well as physically exhausted.
Will check in with my workout and a picture of my food. I am LOOSELY following the recipe that I posted. I just cannot get down with the heavy cream and egg crust on the top of the pies.
Although the picture below doesn’t show it…I am feeling and looking leaner. I’m not in a hurry to lose this at all. IF I feel any discomfort at all I will cease the workout. Promise!

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