Om. :)


MY VERSION of Coney Island Chili Cheese Casserole. Don’t miss the bun!

  This is lunch today! This will be breakfast tomorrow…lunch tomorrow…dinner tomorrow. DELISH! This can be modified as well. You want to subtitute ground turkey?? Go ahead!  I always use Hebrew National hot dogs because they are Kosher there are no added fillers. BEEF HOTDOGS taste the best…but it is a matter of taste.  I used 80/20 ground beef because anything leaner tastes like liver to me. I added tomatoes because I like them and a person doesn’t get fat off a tomato.Condiments?? Just like you would put on a hot dog (except ketchup). 🙂 OM. NOM. NOM. And low carb!  I will be adding some pictures of my meal at the Golden Corral. Gotta love a buffet! Later

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