My Golden Corral Outing…

Time to get NOMMIE!!


Rotisserie Chicken, cabbage, green beans, and Bourbon Chicken(ew…avoid Bourbon Chicken)


Romaine Lettuce, Ceasar Dressing, Parmesian Cheese, Deviled eggs and Tuna Salad! Filling and good for you…

This was a wonderful meal! I was able to stay within the eating plan and leave satisfied. I prefer buffets because you can tailor your meal to what you need. There is no need to ask for things on the side or to get an unsatisfying meal because the majority of you plate is something that you cannot eat. 
Unfortunately…I saw these types of plates on tables and leaving the buffet line:

Somewhere under all that starch, sugar, and flour is something of a viable low carb meal. This will raise your insulin levels…and then just as quickly you will crash. A sleepy time fat inducing meal if I ever saw one. NO BUENO for this plate!!

You diet is very important!  What you fuel yourself with does matter. My exercise plan is complimented by the food that I consume.  🙂 Your results will always be 10 times better! I am a low carber…that doesn’t make it the end all be all of diets…it is what works for me. Find the type of eating plan that you are comfortable with and works for YOU. Everyone is definitely different…BUT…look at that plate! It isn’t good for anything other than weight gain.
I know this from a lifetime of experience… 🙂

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