More New Glasses (Workout Ones)!


Special Eyes Yeti Polished Workout Glasses…unfortunately WRONG. Excuse the way I look…I’m rocking the Sho’nuff look from The Last Dragon! LEROY! WHO’S THE MASTER!! LOL

FINALLY! My “special eyes” prescription finally made it’s way back from the Upper Tibetan Mountains where the First Born Male Yeti resides.  Only Boy-Child Yetis could handle these special lenses and polish them with their tears and untouched fur.
That is HOW LONG it took for this pair to come in. GUESS WHAT?? They are wrong! No transition lenses…and I paid for that as well. So another call has to be made to the Tibetan Monks who handle the Boy Child Yetis to get more “special eyes” lenses ground and polished (with tears and untouched fur) to be sent  on the back of Fairies.
Grr…I’m a tad bit irritated… 🙁
On second thought…I’m pissed off. Time to call the credit card company.



  1. Kookie says:

    What the Hell?? I look a HOT MESS! I don’t even look like this crazy assed picture. Oh My Goodness…its pictures like this …that make me want to workout for HOURS! The camera does not like me.

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