Importance of Rest…

I found out the hard way how important it is to rest your body. 🙁 At this time I have…
Pulled groin muscle
Swollen knees
Aching right hip
Pulled lower back (huge lump)
This morning I literally couldn’t get out of bed…walking was out of the question.  I guess being in your 40’s does make a difference with working out.  It has been recommended that I stay off my feet for the next two days. No exercise for at least a week…minimum.
I work for the Government so taking time off isn’t an issue…it still sucks.  I love the results that I am seeing …I hate the pain I am feeling.
I will take every third day off for rest once I start exercising again.  I need to understand (and sadly I do) that being hard headed when it comes to exercise does lead to athletic injuries.  If I’m trying to be a trainer I need to remember this…and I will.
My diet will remain clean…lots of water and healing. Icy Hot and a hot shower didn’t fix everything this time…I actually heard the rip in my lower back. 🙁
Later …🙁

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