Pulled Abductor Muscle…

…well this BLOWS! Because of the strain and the location is is very hard for me to do kicks. SO not cool when your workout of choice is KICKBOXING. I pulled it the other day while doing a lateral runner’s stretch and lost my balance.  My cat Rex decided right at the moment where I was a little off balance he needed some love.
It it sore. I know that I need to rest this in order for me to heal properly. Here is the thing…once I decide I want to do something; I literally NEED to complete the task.  I don’t want to lose any conditioning that I have acheived. It feels great to see the results that I am seeing so quickly. I guess muscle memory is not a myth.
Last night I did all over toning with a three pound weighted bar. Sculpt Express.  I guess tonight will be me focusing on my abs and upper body.  I so want this!  Once I am where I want to be I would like to get licensed as a trainer. My Ultimate Goal.
I guess I could call my self an athlete since I am getting  “athletic” injuries. I have come a long way from being the sad, depressed, fat housewife. GO ME!

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