Scale Lies!

Especially when you begin getting back into shape. When you first start exercising you may notice your weight going up! Yikes…NOOOOOOO! All that work and the scale is saying I weigh more?? Why bother??
YES…BOTHER! Your body may be retaining water.  Blood filling the muscles…added muscles. Don’t become a slave to the Glass and Metal Demon. It speaks with a forked tongue.
I NEVER weigh myself the first month after starting an exercise routine. My weight fluctuates too much and I have a better chance of getting discouraged. I gauge my progress by :

  • Stamina
  • The way my clothes fit
  • How I look in my clothes
  • The way my body feels (if it is tighter)

A scale is a great tool but it should never be the only thing you consult during your lifestyle transformation.  You may even notice the scale not moving…but your clothes are getting smaller. A small number on the scale doesn’t mean you are fit…or healthy.

The old saying muscle weighs more than fat?? Horseshit…5 pounds is 5 pounds! Just look at the difference. I would prefer to have 5 pounds of lean muscle on my frame than 5 pounds of that fluffy yellow crap. Fat takes up more space than muscle. Muscle is DENSER…but a pound is a pound.  The more muscle you have the more fat you burn. The leaner you will become.  So if the scale isn’t moving but your clothes are getting looser refer to that image up above.
Do not trust the scale…but your eyes!
Later! (I have some reports to take care of…)

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